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Home insurance has been around for quite a long time. The great American essayist, Benjamin Franklin, was a co-founder of one of the first home insurance companies in 18th century America. The first requisite to get a policy in those days was to live near a fire station.

HomeQuoteDirect is not quite as long established in the business as that, but it is fair to say our experience in the UK home insurance market means you have no need to go any further to find quality home insurance at a great price.

The last 25 years has seen the UK home insurance market change dramatically. No longer is it the preserve of a handful of companies who probably could, trace their business back to the days of mad King George. Today hundreds of companies are falling over themselves to sell insurance to you. And of course insurance is no longer constrained by geographical boundaries; a house in Cornwall can now be insured by a company in Edinburgh without the need for a local insurance broker.

How do I pick the right quote for me?

The good news is that HomeQuoteDirect can collect all the information necessary to provide you with the best quotes the UK home insurance market can muster here and now.

Our online quotation form will help guide you through the process of selecting the level of cover you require and then our comparison search engine will analyse the offerings from UK home insurance providers from all over the country to come up with the best quote possible, tailored to your individual needs.

The process will be complete in minutes, sometimes even seconds and if you prefer to conclude your deal over the phone then out friendly customer service agents will sort out the same deal for you via our call centre.

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