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House insurance is a commodity embraced by billions of people around the world and by millions in the UK. Home insurance rates depend very much on the sort of home the insurance is for, the sort of people who are seeking the insurance, and the amount of cover that is sought under the policy.

HomeQuoteDirect doesn’t care from what background our customers come from or about the kind of home they are insuring. We believe quite simply that every one of our customers deserves the best deal that we can find them. We are dedicated to providing a service second to none.

Can I get a discount?

It is true to say that certain circumstances will bring down the rate that insurance is charged. Insurers base their policy rates on risk, the bigger the risk the more expensive the premium.

Homeowners who have held insurance policies before and have not claimed are seen as a lower risk and will often get a discount. Homeowners who take the security of their property seriously are also the kind of people insurance companies like. Having security lights outside the property, and a security alarm inside should also bring down the house insurance rates. A Multi-faceted locking device on doors and windows means the house is less of a risk to cover and so is a house where no-one smokes, so, if you can confirm that all or even some of the above are true then you should get a discount.

HomeQuoteDirect have designed a simple three step insurance quotation form that will allow you to choose the kind of home insurance policy that is ideal for you. Once you have filled out the form our comparison search engine will find the best available house insurance rates to match your specific requirements from dozens of home insurance providers. Within minutes you will be looking at the best house insurance rates available and your search for affordable cover will be achieved.

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