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When obtaining home insurance quotes one should bear in mind there are two distinct types of home insurance; buildings cover and contents cover.

Types of Home Insurance

Buildings insurance covers the entire structure of your home. Not only the outer shell but also the permanent features of the house, so for example a fitted kitchen or fitted bathroom is classified under buildings cover. As will be any fences or gates on the outside of the property. Buildings home insurance should cover you from the effects of storms, vandalism, subsidence, fire, flood and other disastrous events.

Contents insurance covers the inside of the home as the name suggests and more or less everything that you have brought into the home; carpets, furniture, beds, clothes, electrical goods and a whole lot more, including food.

Buildings and Contents home insurance can be bought separately or together. Often an insurance provider will offer a discount if you buy a policy featuring both aspects, but it is worth remembering that while one policy may be very good value the other one may well be inferior to other products.

What sort of cover should I look for?

You must decide if you want the quote to cover some items that you take away from the home; for example jewellery when you go on holiday, this will attract a higher premium and comes under personal possessions. You may want accidental cover which once more will force the premium up but it is worth its weight in gold if someone spills a tin of paint on a brand new carpet. Legal cover is another optional extra that many homeowners select.

Our online quotation form will give you the opportunity to take all of the above into account and then will find a home insurance quote tailored to your requirements. Within seconds our search engine will bring you the best deals available from dozens of home insurance providers and your search for home insurance cover will be complete.

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