Holiday Home Insurance


Many homeowners in the UK also own a holiday home. Holiday home insurance is different to normal home insurance mainly because the home does not have the same people occupying the home all the time.

There are many risks involved with purchasing a holiday home in the United Kingdom and the risks are substantially higher that those associated with your main residence, simply because you are not there everyday. Therefore there is a real need for a holiday home insurance policy which is designed to precisely match these different needs.

What sort of cover do I need?

As with your main home, you should cover the holiday home with the same protection. Having comprehensive buildings and contents insurance will provide cover against damage, loss or theft. It will cover the structure of the property, fixtures and fittings and any furniture, electrical items and carpets.

Most insurers view a holiday home as a bigger risk simply because it is left unoccupied for long periods. This will increase the risk of theft, burst pipes and flood claims. During the winter months an empty, unheated house is at the mercy of the elements. Having a good program of maintenance is vital for keeping a holiday home in a good condition and lowering the chance of a potential loss and claim. Many holiday home owners arrange for someone to check their property on a regular basis.

Where can I get it?

Based on this, not all insurers will be willing to cover you for your holiday home. We at HomeQuoteDirect know someone that will. More than one in fact! Making us the perfect choice when it comes to finding the best holiday home insurance.

We can guide you through the process of determining how much cover you require and give good advice on how to get the best, most competitive holiday home insurance policy possible. The policy will be tailored specifically to your needs. We can also advise on extra cover such as accidental damage, home emergency, public liability insurance, personal possessions cover, loss of income and alternative accommodation.

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