High Value Home Insurance


Having a high value home can bring its own problems. Of course however, it’s the sort of ‘problems’ most people are more than happy to have and we at HomeQuoteDirect can solve them for you in no time at all. In most cases not only is the property itself very valuable; but the contents of the home will more than likely include jewellery, fine furniture and expensive paintings, all of which are vulnerable to accidental damage and theft. High value home insurance then becomes a must.

If your home is valued at more than £500,000 your home contents cover needs to be increased, and the insurance requirement will fall into a category known as high value home insurance. This type of insurance requires specialist knowledge and expert care, so we at HomeQuoteDirect believe you have come to the right place.

A home will be one of the biggest investments any individual will ever make in a lifetime. When such an investment is made it is only natural to want to protect that investment in any way that you can. A high value home needs high value protection.

Nobody knows what perils will befall the home from one day to the next and although precautions can be taken to help minimize potential damage, the things that we have no control over should be covered by a policy which is designed specifically for every circumstance.

Normally a high value home will come with features and furnishings that a more modest home will not have, and to be properly insured it is important to find the best possible insurance policy. HomeQuoteDirect’s easy to navigate online quotation form will guide you through the process of selecting your level of cover in simple steps. You can ensure that every single detail of the home, from flooring, to chandeliers, and everything in between can be taken into account in order for the right replacement cost value to can be put on the home.

We know that a high value home will require a lot more attention in finding the most competitive insurance policy and we are happy to take the responsibility of finding the insurance provider who will cover the home and its contents properly. We can make sure your expensive investment is insured if disaster strikes and we can do it in minutes. Once you have filled out the quotation form our comparison search engine will scour the internet finding the best quotes out there from high value home insurers. The premium prices will be specifically designed to your individual needs and will be the best that you can get.

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