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In amongst the contents of any home there will be items that one really can’t put a price on. Photographs that capture a priceless moment of mirth certainly come to mind as do handmade objects crafted by a family member. They will also have a monetary worth but not the sort that is covered by expensive item home insurance. However, if you do have some items which are particularly valuable, for example pieces of jewellery or antiques that have been passed down through the generations of the family, then you need to make sure your home insurance is sufficient to cover the risk of losing them.

Anyone lucky enough to possess items of valuable jewellery should be aware that expensive pieces need to be fully insured by a dedicated high value home insurance policy, as the value of expensive items will be far higher than the maximum insured limits offered by the average home contents insurance cover.

Where will I find an insurer?

Insuring your really expensive items is easy enough if you find the right insurance provider. Many home contents insurance plans will only be practical for households containing modest items where a single article limit as low as £750 will suffice.

HomeQuoteDirect has the experience to know that sometimes a specialist insurance policy for high value items will be needed, and know how to find it.

It is not that unusual these days for homeowners to have acquired an item that is both rare and irreplaceable or even an item of high monetary value. Taking out insurance is a comparatively simple task, getting the right policy is not so straightforward.

Having the cheapest quote does not always mean it is the best quote. No one wants to find out when they come to make a claim that they are under insured and this matters most when you have items of high value. Here at HomeQuoteDirect we will ensure that every policy matches the needs of the customer. We have a long history of finding the best policy, so whether you fill in our online form or speak to one of our experts on the phone, we will find you the most competitive quote available.

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