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The whole idea behind insurance is to be prepared for the unexpected. We all go around imagining that the very worst things in life happen to someone else. In fact thousands of us experience some sort of emergency every day and home insurance is worth every single penny when it comes to using it.

According to police statistics one of the most usual emergencies to befall homeowners in the UK is the trauma surrounding a break in by thieves or burglars. Incredibly, figures suggest that one in three of us will suffer at the hands of burglars or sneak thieves in our lifetime.

Emergency home contents insurance will not lessen the trauma victims experience when their home has been violated by thieves but it will help them get over the financial loss a lot quicker than if they were not insured at all.

What kind of incident will I be covered for?

Emergency home buildings and contents insurance will typically cover the kind of emergency created by burst pipe, flood or storm damage. It is important to realise that home insurance comes in two packages, buildings and contents. Buildings insurance will cover the cost of a new roof from storm damage for example, but contents cover will be necessary to cover the cost of the damage to furnishings in the bedroom below.

Personal possessions should always be covered away from the home as well as in it. An emergency situation can easily develop from losing items such as wallets and keys on holiday, commuting or even doing the school run.

By filling in our online form and letting us do the rest, you can guarantee no matter what kind of emergency home cover you require, we will get it for you… quickly! Via the dozens of providers we use, our website will provide you with cheap insurance stylised to your personal circumstances within seconds of you filling out our three step form.

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