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If you are wanting to compare home insurance quotes then you have come to the right place. HomeQuoteDirect has plenty of experience in finding the best policies for all its customers.

It is easy to spend hours comparing insurance quotes and even easier to end up totally confused by the different quotes you receive. There is absolutely no doubt that finding the correct home insurance can be a complicated thing. There are so many products, offering similar cover, but bewilderingly enough, all at different prices. Fortunately, HomeQuoteDirect can compare home insurance quotes from a multitude of insurance providers in no time at all and get you the best possible deal in the process.

What sort of policy should I purchase?

First of all we need to find out exactly what sort of home insurance you need. There are basically two types of home insurance; buildings and contents. Buildings insurance covers the outside shell of the house plus the permanent features inside. So a fitted wardrobe or fitted bathroom will be covered by a buildings policy, as will the roof.

Contents insurance provides cover for anything else in the house that is not a permanent feature. So your beds, chairs, electrical goods, clothes, pots and pans and even the food in the house are all covered by a contents insurance policy.

Most people, but not all, buy both policies, so what is there to compare you might say. Well on top of the basic cover you may need accidental cover, legal cover, personal possession cover, and other additions to the policy.

This is where we come in. By filling out HomeQuoteDirect’s three step quotation form, we can get you the cover to fit your requirements in minutes. Our comparison search engine will look at the policies provided by home insurance providers throughout the UK to bring you the ones that suit you best, including the price.

There is no need to compare home insurance once you visit our website, because it is all done for you, and, if you prefer to conduct your business over the phone then we can arrange that too. Our expert team of customer advisers will guide you through the process quickly and efficiently.

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