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A home is an important place, not least because it provides a roof over your head. It is also a place which needs protecting. HomeQuoteDirect can get you the cheapest home insurance quote out there.

Making sure the home is fully covered with a good insurance policy is very important, and finding a policy which is both cheap and comprehensive can be tricky. However, whether you own a small flat or a huge mansion, HomeQuoteDirect can find the best, most competitive and more importantly the cheapest home insurance available for you, within minutes. We will help you find the right house insurance policy at the right price, with the right insurer by finding the policy that is perfect for you.

How can I get the cheapest quote?

One way to make a policy cheaper is to combine both buildings and contents insurance together if you need them both.

Make the home secure and as difficult as possible for a burglar to break in. Good burglar alarms improved and refitted locks as well as security lights will make it tougher for a thief, and, as a result the risk to any insurer will reduce. Even the lock on the main entrance can make a difference. Replacing a flimsy door lock with a multi-point heavy duty lock will help in getting the cheapest home insurance. If there’s a Neighbourhood Watch scheme in your street, be sure to join it. Fit, and regularly test smoke alarms and increase the excess that you are happy to pay. The bigger the excess, the lower the premium will be. Having someone at home day and night will also bring the premium down.

HomeQuoteDirect has a good history and proven track record of finding the best policy at unbeatable prices. By filling in our easy online form or speaking to one of our experts on the phone we can find you the cheapest home insurance available.

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