Work from home and save the world

More and more businesses are allowing their staff to work from home on both a full and part time basis. And a business that will allow working from home will improve the number of people from which they can recruit, which in turn will boost their chances of recruiting the right employee successfully. Since the internet became a necessity rather than an option, it opened up a whole new range of possibilities for the way a business can work and be structured. Flexible working regulations mean employees who have parental responsibilities of children under 16, or disabled children under 18, and even carers of certain adults can benefit from working from home. If working from a home office means having extra equipment in the home, contact the household insurance company and tell them about this.

Working from a home office can also be the first step towards a green future. It saves the trouble of travelling to the office everyday, and in doing so saves a lot on travel costs thus having a smaller carbon footprint. Whether the threat to the earth is real, enough people believe it is and are not only working from home but remodelling to make the home office a green office. Having a green home office will in the long run be very beneficial; it will also save a lot of expense.

Bamboo is one of the best renewable resources. It is both easy on the eye and hard wearing, so there is no need to replace items each year. For the home office, furniture made of bamboo such as tables and chairs will provide a good look to the green office. Use paint that is certified as eco friendly and which is also made using only natural resources, so the paint will not harm the environment. Try and reduce the amount of paper used in the home office by minimizing the amount of printing done. Think about the need to print out any email or documents that are being worked on. Keep all the documents and any paper mail you receive and then use the back of them as note pads. Any envelopes can be used to write down quick notes. Think about how all of the equipment in the home office is used.  A computer, modem or a printer does not need to be left on for 24 hours a day. If they are turned off at the end of the working day over the course of a year a very noticeable saving will have been made. More savings can be made by using energy efficient lighting as they will reduce consumption and also contribute towards saving of the environment.

Try and keep two bins in the home office, use one to put all the items that can be recycled such as paper in, and the other can be used for everything else. Learn about e-waste, and anytime that a change or upgrade of a piece of office equipment is needed, try and recycle it. A lot of the components in older electronic equipment will contain hazardous materials and really should not be just thrown into the normal rubbish.  A lot of towns and cities now have electronic recycling locations where you can take any e-waste.

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