The mouse that everyone needs

Before 1984, the thought of a mouse being inside most homes and people happily handling the mouse on a daily basis would have been crazy talk. However, 26 years later, that is what happens in millions of homes and offices throughout the world. The Mouse first entered into the public consciousness with the introduction of the Apple Macintosh, and since then they have helped to completely redefine the way that we use computers today.

Every day of computing life, means reaching out for the mouse whenever the cursor is needed to move or something needs activating. The mouse will sense any motion and the clicks are sent to the computer so that it can respond appropriately. It is amazing how simple and effective a computers mouse is, something else amazing is the fact it took so long for a mouse to become a part of everyday life. It was originally born in the 1960s, but it took a couple of decades before the mouse was to become popular.

For many years light pens were used on an array of machines as a pointing device, and graphics tablets and even joy sticks were also popular in the 70s. None of these really took off as the perfect pointing device. However, when the mouse hit the scene (attached to the Mac), it was an instant success. It is easy to see why as there is something about it that is natural. When compared to a graphics tablet, a mouse is inexpensive and they also take up very little space. In the computer world, the mouse took longer to gain ground; this was because of a lack of support within the operating system. Once Windows made Graphical User Interfaces standard, the mouse quickly became the pointing device of choice for the public at large, and PC’s started appearing more and more in the home. Now most homes will have some sort of computer covered by their household insurance.

The first type of mouse around was the mechanical mouse (also called a ball mouse), and it used a moving ball to work. As the mouse was moved across a surface, the ball moved as well.  An optical mouse is one of the most common computer mice in use today. It works by using optical technology and so does not need any moving parts. As the optical mouse is moved over a surface, a small red LED (Light-Emitting Diode) will emit light onto a surface and then it will read the pattern on that surface. The mouse will then convert the surface information into meaningful data which it then sends to the computer. Laser technology has been the newest technology breakthrough in a computer mouse. They work  similar to an optical mouse, but with better results as it can deliver up to 20 times the performance of an optical mouse.

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