The device loved by one and all

The kitchen is the heart of every home, or at least it is supposed to be. In these days most families lead busy lives. Usually all adult members of the family are working to contribute to the family budget, breakfasts and, for that matter, other meals are very often rushed affairs.

It is fortunate indeed that the kitchen therefore is full of labour and time saving devices. Indeed in the modern home, the vast majority of expensive items covered by household insurance can be found in the kitchen.

Perhaps the most popular device in the modern kitchen is the dishwasher. Mothers and wives may put more value on the washing machine and cooker but universally the dishwasher comes out on top. Children, teenagers, mothers and fathers can all put their dirty plates in the dishwasher, add a tablet, press a button and forget all about them.

The good news is a decent dishwasher is not that expensive. The Zanussi ZSF 2450 for example retails at about £270 and can be bought from most High Street Retailers. It can take enough crockery for 6 place settings yet is still compact and sleek looking.

The operation cycle is very quiet apart from the beginning and end when the water input and output is taking place and it can hold quite a few items for its size, including a various array of pans. It has programmes for delicates, eco function and intensive cleaning but the quick wash cycle that takes around 30 minutes should be sufficient for most washes. It has a very handy delay function and the salt and rinse aide indicators are very useful. The cutlery basket is removable to create even more room to clean bulky items.

This model seems to be really popular so you can purchase it on various sites online and the price does not seem to vary drastically, however, if you wish to buy it from more established retailers such as Sainsbury’s, Comet or John Lewis then it is about £30 more expensive but I guess you pay for the insurance and security of buying from a household name. Some companies will offer free delivery while others may offer a free extension to the product guarantee. Little extras such as these are worth looking around for.

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