Super fast broadband plan brought forward

In what should prove to be great news for homeowners across the UK, British Telecom (BT) has announced that it plans to bring forward the date when the majority of homes in the country have access to super fast broadband.

Online shopping experience will improve

The plan to bring forward access to fast broadband will help households across the country in many ways, not least for those looking to save money and time. Super fast broadband will enable consumers to shop online more comfortably and should make doing a weekend shop at an online supermarket so much easier. At the moment many people don’t take up this service simply because the pages take so long to load, hence making the process frustrating and time consuming. This particularly applies to those in rural areas who would benefit most from online shopping.

Money saving opportunities

Of course money as well as time can also be saved by those who look to buy services and products online. A quote for home contents insurance for instance using a home insurance comparison site can save customers hundreds of pounds and holidays booked via online companies usually come in a little cheaper than the agents on the High Street.

Job creation for skilled workforce

The latest plan by BT will involve hiring over 500 more engineers between now and 2014 to work on homes in every corner of the country to ensure the Government target of 90% of the homes in the UK have access to super fast broadband by 2015 is not only met but is brought forward. £300 million of investment will be pumped into the project to give the initiative momentum, and BT hope this proactive move will also help them secure contracts in front of its main competitor Virgin Media.

UK will become a world leader

The long term plan of the Government is to make the UK Europe’s leading country in super fast broadband. The present culture secretary Jeremy Hunt believes this will not only help businesses but also give Britons a leading edge in media opportunities in a similar way to South Korean citizens in the Far East. The cutting edge in technology moves on apace, it is warming to think that UK citizens may be in the vanguard of the revolution from the comfort of their own homes.



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