Students urged to protect themselves

Next month, new students starting university will take an average of £4,000 worth of belongings with them, making protection against theft essential. Research has found that a third of the value of these possessions will be carried with them when they are out and about. The average student will leave their digs with over £1,300 worth of possessions on them; these will include books, bikes, clothing, laptops, MP3 Players, smart phones, clothing and even cash. Other items that make up the total value of possessions that students take with them to university accommodation include cameras, hair straightener’s, a games console, and a musical instrument.

Vicki O’Connell, spokesperson for the research team, said: “Students are more tech savvy than ever before. Compared to just a few years ago we are seeing a much greater number of smart phones, games consoles and laptops filling students’ rooms. As lifestyles become more mobile the ‘must have’ items become more portable. Our research shows just how easily the value of your possessions accumulates. It’s important to remember that items which are lighter and smaller are also more prone to loss or theft. Our research looked at the possessions of an individual but the value of a household can increase considerably when second and third year student house share and have multiple sets of equipment. We would encourage students not to rely on being covered by their parents’ insurance.”

Modern day higher education makes it a necessity for students to have a range of expensive technology and when moving away from home for the first time will mean taking a lot of expensive items with them. This means it is vital that students take precautions, having cheap home insurance will protect against theft and damage and will give peace of mind and also make sure that they are not left out of pocket.

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