Stay put, lock up and bring down your costs

As the credit crunch continues to bite, many homeowners have decided to put off moving home and decided to stay put. The ever escalating cost of living has not only put people off moving, it is making them more conscious of where they can make savings in the property they have. It is without doubt that savings can be made on a whole host of things, and one of these is definitely household insurance.

Compare your deal

Anyone spending a couple of hours watching TV will realise that home insurance comparison sites exist. They will also realise that some are spending quite a lot of money in competition with each other via adverts rather than substance. However, it really is a good idea to try and get a better deal than you already have.

Once you have selected an insurance company there are still other ways you can bring that quote down. It is of the utmost importance that you fill in your insurance application form honestly and to the best of your knowledge, but just by looking at the questions you will see how easy it is to bring your quote down.

Ways to bring down your home insurance

If someone is occupying your property day and night; for instance you are retired or work from home, then this reduces the risk of burglary, fire and flood and will bring in a cheaper quote. If you have a burglar alarm that has been fitted and maintained to a professional standard and you can prove it, then once again this should reduce your premium.

Window and door locks are another aspect of security that can bring down your costs. Questions on what sort of locks are on your doors can seem a little tricky and the best way to find out exactly what sort of security is installed in your doors is to ask the firm who fitted them, failing this a quick call to your local crime prevention officer will probably get you the information you need. The better the locks, then the cheaper the quote.

Pay up front and in bulk

You will usually save money by organising your home contents insurance and buildings insurance at the same time and with the same company, you will also save money by paying up front i.e. paying the full cost of the premium in one lump sum as opposed to paying by a monthly direct debit.

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