Security the key to a successful move

Moving home is said to be one of the most traumatic non emergency experiences we go through in the day to day routine of our lives. It is also a period when home security is more at risk than usual and is a time when homeowners need to be aware of the problems inherent with inviting strangers into ones home.

Household insurance a must

From the moment you advertise your home for sale you should realise that your daily routine is going to be disrupted. Depending on how long the house takes to sell will depend on how much disruption you have, but it is for sure that you will be encountering more visitors than usual. It is imperative to ensure in this period that your household insurance is up to date and covers accidental damage as well as other conventional precautions.

Choose wisely

The first stranger to visit will more than likely be the Estate Agent. It is always tempting to go with the agent who provides the lowest price estimate for selling your home but remember the agency may well be holding a set of keys to your home, bringing strangers to look around the home while you are not there, and generally have access to your property. It is far better to investigate thoroughly the credentials of the agent rather than go with the lowest bidder. Ask friends and relatives if they can recommend any from personal experience and also bear in mind that a company that has been around for a number of years must be doing something right.

Don’t invite trouble

It is also their job to vet any would be purchasers, but that does not mean you should presume that people coming round to look at your house are bona fide customers. Without being rude, because after all most people will be genuine, make sure you do not leave them unaccompanied. It is a mistake to take them a quick tour around your home and if they seem enthusiastic invite them to go round again on their own, by all means be pleasant and informative but do not give them free rein.

Keep on your guard

As the sale progresses you will encounter more and more visits, from people such as surveyors, utility companies, removal firms and even tradesman, measuring up for the new incumbents. At all times ensure your own security by checking their credentials before they enter, and when they do enter make sure they are suitably attired. The last thing you want is to make a claim on your buildings and contents insurance because of a clumsy workman with dirty boots. Moving home can be exciting as well as traumatic but it is always worth remembering to keep your security levels as high as normal in the run up to the big day.

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