Home Security – The season of goodwill not quite the case for all

Home security is of the utmost importance, especially over the festive period – Homeowners across the UK are given warning today that their property could easily be one of the 70,000 houses that are broken into by criminals over the festive season.

Insurance companies well versed in handing out Christmas claim forms for household insurance owners say that without doubt December is the worst month for burglaries everywhere in Britain. New research suggests that the early hours of Christmas Day is a hot spot for break-ins and one insurance firm has got the information from the ‘horse’s mouth’.

More Than insurance interviewed 50 reformed criminals to get their inside information. The research concluded that the 23 minutes between 1.55 am and 2.18 am was the optimum time for burglars to strike on Christmas Day, with homeowners either out visiting friends and family or too deep into a alcohol induced sleep to hear the work of the robbers downstairs.

The survey revealed that 8 out of 10 thieves saw this time as the best opportunity to do their work. They also revealed that the generosity of most Brits at Christmas time meant that houses normally considered not wealthy enough to rob became viable targets at the festive season.

Apparently about half of the thieves head straight to the Christmas tree to steal goods and 1 in 10 actually steal the tree as well as the gifts underneath it. The ex-villains confirm that leaving a light on is a deterrent and one sign of the times is highlighted by the fact that some thieves will check social media sites for hints on whether homeowners will be out of their homes at certain times as they plan their nights work.



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