Home Contents And Personal Possessions Insurance.

Students that find themselves living away from home during their times of studies often find themselves living in student residences. These are often in student halls of residence or shared   accommodation off campus.

Living in these student dwellings usually open the first time student to the responsibilities of being independent and accepting the rewards and risks that come with being away from the family home. Unfortunately, some of those risks involve further risks against your own belongings.

Students should consider purchasing student insurance if they decide to live in a residence away from home to study. Student insurance is a type of insurance policy that will cover the cost of the goods that is owned by the student within their studying residence.

The student home contents and personal possessions insurance policy can cover the contents for a student living away from home either on or off campus. The student is responsible for their own personal belongings and to insure their items are adequately covered against theft, accidental damage and break-ins.

Insuring your belongings whilst you are away from your home can prove invaluable in the case that damage, theft or break-in occurs. Furthermore, policies may also protect the person over a short period of time whilst they are away from their student residence. (Typically over holiday season.)

The following items should be considered for protection when taking out student insurance.

1.    Consumer electronics
2.    Money
3.    Jewelery
4.    Personal Documents

The common items tht are often of high value and should be considered for taking out a policy include:

Electronic goods
– these usually hold a high value, making them an ideal theft target. By insuring the electronic goods, you will have a degree of protection for replacing those goods if they are subject to theft, damage or break-ins.

Desktops and Laptop computers
Computers are a popular target for thieves. Laptops are a high value target for theft in a university residence, as they are often valuable and the replacement cost is usually expensive.

Mobile Phones
Mobile phones are also another popular item that is subject to theft in student residences due to their value.
MP3/4 players
Portable players are also another popular item which is usually subject to theft or loss.

If there is money that is within the residence, most policies will cover this up to a certain amount.

Jewelery is typically a popular theft item due to its high value. You should insure valuable items and specify them in your policy.

Personal documents.
Loss of documents such as passports and bank statements can prove costly if lost or stolen. Identity theft is on the increase and the insurance policy can also cover you against this type of theft.

Students can take advantage of the student insurance provided by HomeQuoteDirect to start protecting their belongings when living away from home. Click student insurance to find a policy the right policy for your student residential needs.

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