Gardens: Add Significant Value to Your Property

Your home is an extremely important place, both in personal and financial terms.  Property is undoubtedly a valuable asset.  Gardens, though, are a frequently undervalued part of this asset.  In fact, paying care and attention to your garden can greatly increase the value of your property as a whole.

Garden designer Jill Fenwick has said that gardens could well be a key factor in dealing with the current property market with prices falling and homeowners struggling to achieve a fair price for their property.

According to a large industry retailer and supplier, Hartley Botanic, ‘having an attractive garden could be the answer to sellers’ needs’.

Fenwick said that she has noticed a trend for homeowners looking to improve their property before putting it on the market.  Even those not intending to sell in the near future will benefit in the long run.  Ms Fenwick said that “If you do have a really nice garden then it will increase the value if you do sell the house eventually.”

Contrary to popular advice about preparing homes for the property market, which suggests neutral design and simple furnishings, well designed gardens could add the edge on a property.  Green lawn space may be desirable for some, and add value, but truly well designed outdoor space can clinch the deal for many buyers.

Speaking as head of the estate agent Douglas and Gordon in South London, George Franks has also said “A cracking south-facing garden can increase a property’s value by between 2 and 10 per cent. If you have two houses worth £800,000, the one with a garden will cost £50,000 more.”

Your garden can be an excellent addition to the major asset that is your home.  There are, however, a number of considerations to make before making changes to your garden, before anything you should get good home insurance.

Firstly, gardens demand work.  The more elements involved with your garden, the more maintenance work there will be, not just for you but also for any buyers.  Potential buyers may immediately fall in love with a beautiful garden, and be tempted into placing a high offer, however their heads could tell them to avoid the work.  Considering the time potential buyers may want to put in to gardening is important.

If your property is located within a city, and might sell to young professionals, a high maintenance garden probably wouldn’t appeal to their lifestyle.  If, however, your property is in a rural area, too little garden elements could seem disappointing for green-fingered enthusiasts.

Useable space is particularly important.  Whilst decking the entire garden might be too bland an option, ensuring that there is enough space for outdoor furniture, bikes, children’s play area and other outdoor activities is key.  Provisions such as patios, awnings or paths can offer an appealing extension to the indoor space, and allow potential buyers to envisage their own potential usage of the garden.

Elements like bright, appealing colours, vegetable patches and water features all add homely charm to your property.

Designing your garden carefully for sale can add significant amounts to the value of your home.  The key points to remember are to use it as a beautiful showcase, but also to tailor the garden to potential buyers.  The perfect garden will appeal to both the head and the heart of your buyer.

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