Flickering flames give fabulous effects

It is not always the first thing that comes to mind when you are planning a special occasion in your home, but home owner insurance is absolutely vital sometimes, especially when it comes to planning events with special lighting requirements.

Wax attracts

Candles have been around for thousands of years and although high tech lighting solutions are in abundance the flickering light from a naked flame still attracts many of us and candles are used for all kinds of special evenings. Candles come in all shapes, sizes and colours, and some are scented. They will dramatically affect the atmosphere of the room so it is very important that you choose the right candles for the occasion.

Intimate Dinners

Choose food-grade paraffin wax which is the best quality for your important dinner occasions. Soy wax is another quality ingredient which is natural and environmentally friendly. It is best to choose white candles as strong colours may affect people’s appetite. Tall candles create a formal atmosphere while short candles create a warm, homey feel. Candle holders also play an important part. Candelabra will be good for a dramatic look. Flower shaped holders will make the room look extremely romantic and beautiful. If you are on a tight budget place lots of plain tea lights around the room which will definitely make the room feel dreamy and otherworldly.


It is again important to choose candles made from high grade wax with essential oils for your utmost relaxation and well-being. Choose jar candles which are more fragrant than the normal pillar candles. They are produced with high quality essential oil so are too soft to stand without support, hence they come in jars. Some jar candles have odour neutralising effect which may be good if you want to freshen the room. Place your scented candles in the bedroom, bathroom or living room. Scented candles in the entrance and hallways might pleasantly surprise your guests.

Parties, Celebrations and Christmas

Go for shapes and colours rather than quality to create a fun and festive atmosphere for the night. Choose your favourite colour and shape and place them anywhere you fancy. Small teacup candles might look cute and fun. If children are to be invited to the occasion then safety and a good home insurance quote must be considered, and in these circumstances battery operated candles should be the favoured option.

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