Decorating – Cushions don’t always cost pin money

Decorating a home is very much dependant on the taste of the individual, homes across the UK are personalised in so many different ways that it is really difficult to put some into a category such as minimalist, contemporary or classic, and to be honest it doesn’t really matter.

Owner should feel at ease

The main concept when it comes to decorating your home is will it make you comfortable? If the answer to that question is yes then you are on the right lines. All that is necessary from that point on is to plan a budget and try and keep to it, it does not have to be a massive amount of money and where you can make or create items that decorate your home yourself then the finished product will not only be more economical but give a more homely feel. It is always advisable to set aside a little extra money to pay for extras such as homeowners insurance, as accidents do happen when you are decorating.

Soft furnishings

One item that many people can make themselves, and add massive amounts of personality to a room, are cushions. Cushions add so much presence to the room as well as colours and comfort. Unlike furniture or wall paint they are easy and flexible home décor elements.

Plenty of choice

All types of cushions are available to suite all tastes. Plain cushions will be very easy to coordinate and would suite all types of rooms. If you have country style interior then stripes, checks and floral print cushions would be suitable. If you want to add a luxurious touch, choose decorative and embroidered cushions such as silk, damask, brocade and crewel work. Velvets cushions will also add an elegant sheen. If you like something special, how about tapestry, faux fur or chenille cushions for extra texture and unique patterns?

Mix and match

While you can choose cushions which match the colour and style of the room, you can also choose completely different ones and use them as accents. A mixture of large and small cushions would be good for family/living rooms. Use riser cushions if your family members need assistance when rising from an easy chair. Draught excluders are alternative cushions which will keep out those cold draughts in the winter in a very attractive and stylish way.

All budgets catered for

If you are on a budget choose all-in-one cushions which are machine washable with polyester fillings. These types of cushions are especially suitable for children’s rooms. Other, more costly cushions come with removable covers with synthetic or feather-down fillings which can be either machine washed or dry cleaned. The prices range from £7 to £60 and so should be covered with some sort of affordable house insurance quotes. Online shops are probably the cheapest places to buy, but if you really want to be sure of the textures, volumes and colours then you should visit shops and check these yourselves.



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