Cool that bedroom down

The advent of summer is now well and truly underway. Wimbledon has passed but long hot summer nights are still something to enjoy or endure for the next couple of months.

It would be wonderful to bring the sunlight and breeze into your bedroom not only through open windows but by the use of colour. In general colours should be switched from dark to light. Sheets, bed covers and spreads should be changed to light coloured ones so that they reflect sunlight. Use of sheer curtains will soften the direct sunlight and heat and insulate the room White, light blue or light yellow walls will be refreshing, but as long as you use a light shade any colours should make the room look bright and ready for summer. Bed frames, chairs and other furniture can be repainted similarly. If you need some accent then deep yellow, orange, blue and red can be used for cushions and skirting boards. It is the type of home upgrade that can be completed without the help of a professional, if you are careful and covered by a good home insurance policy.

Get rid of the heavyweights

Materials should also be switched from heavy to light. Anything woolly, velvety or fluffy should be replaced with light and thin materials. Cotton is the ideal summer material as it soaks sweat and gives you a cool feeling. Nylon is light and water resistant and is a cheaper alternative. Linen has an exceptional coolness and freshness but is costly.

No need to lose sleep

The interior design should be kept simple with minimum furniture and decoration to create an airy, relaxed feel. Images of flowers, plants; sea, blue skies, birds and boats/yachts would be good for decoration themes. Rattan effect bed frames, chests and chairs would look pleasant and summery. You can use accessories such as baskets, glass bottles and fresh flowers, and hang pictures of your past summer holidays on the walls. There is no need to splash out on expensive items so you shouldn’t lose sleep over high home insurance costs. To ensure a good nights’ sleep on hot, humid summer nights no matter what may be worrying you, sprinkle citrus, tangy summer scents around the bed and it will be soon settle you down.

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