Comfort is the key – furnishing your property

When it comes to furnishing a new home there is little more that’s important than creating a comfortable main living space. It is the place where the family come together most often and where comfort encourages relaxation and openness.

Make sure it fits

The seating in this room is crucial and worth spending a little extra on to get right. It is important to choose a sofa that will look good and be proportionate in your living room, so take careful measurements and make sure that what you are buying is the best fit for your home before you make a final decision. You will more than likely have buildings and contents insurance so make sure your sofa is covered by it, if not then remember sofas are easily damaged by children and pets and a household insurance policy or special cover by the manufacturers should be bought.

Check interior and exterior

Whether you have pets, small children, and energetic teenagers, or live a quiet retirement life, your sofa should be well made to give you maximum comfort and value for money. The frame should be sturdy, preferably made of kiln-dried hardwood and should be screwed and glued. The support should consist of proper springs, preferably 8-way tied, and the upholstery should consist of good foam – an inner core of foam with an outer wrapping of feathers is one of the best.

All shapes and sizes

For arm style you can choose from traditional rolled arm, curved English arm, a straight Parsons style or armless. Curved English arm is very elegant while straight arm and armless are suitable for contemporary interior. A skirted sofa may suit French style interior with lots of drapery. Otherwise you can choose from a variety of leg styles ranging from chunky to delicately tapered and carved.

Material choice important

Patterned fabric is not so popular at the moment but can cover the dirt and stains. If you want a soft and durable material choose chenille. Leather is also durable and looks attractive. Velvet has a nice texture but can wear out within a few years. If you are on a budget choose a simply designed sofa and add variations with cushion and pillows. Many furniture manufacturers offer custom-made slipcovers which you can use for a seasonal change or keep as an emergency spare.



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