Caution For Homeowners As Garden Thefts Expected To Rise This Summer.

HomeQuoteDirect would like to caution homeowners about the growing threat that they face this summer with garden theft. HomeQuoteDirect would like to ask that homeowners be vigilant this summer with securing their shed and garden items.

Garden theft is a growing problem in the UK. The threat of garden theft is highest between March and August. This summer, it is expected that 3 million Britons will fall victim to garden theft. Unfortunately, many Britons purchase tools and other garden items of value and do nothing to protect their goods from being vulnerable to garden theft.

A common misconception amongst Britons is that they don’t expect to be a victim of theft, as well as being prone to other damage such as vandalism or weathering damage. Some of the most notorious areas for garden theft in the UK are in the north of the UK.

Not all household policies cover garden loss, damage or theft. It is up to the individual to check with their broker to ensure that you have adequate cover for your garden tools, equipment and stored items. HomeQuoteDirect also provides household insurance policies that adequately cover your garden against loss, theft or damage.

Some types of theft and damage that is common include:

•    Garden stripping – whereby people (particularly rogue landscapers) steal and resell plundered assets to unsuspecting clients. Cases can be so extreme that people have returned home to find their entire garden and furnishings removed.
•    Garden property vandalism – People damaging the contents within your garden.
•    Shed contents theft – Whereby people break-in to steal valuable items. (Usually bikes or power tools.)

Common items that are targeted include:

•    Barbecues
•    Bicycles
•    Power tools
•    Garden ornaments (such as garden gnomes)
•    Lawn
•    Furniture

Some precautionary measures that homeowners can take during this summer include:
•    Installing security lighting in your garden to deter thieves.
•    Installing a sensor alarm to alert neighbours or authorities against trespassers.
•    Use a pen or engrave identification onto your valuable goods in case of theft.
•    Improve the secure latching on your shed or valuable items.

It would be ideal to take out a policy on your garden contents. Typically, garden policies will cover:
•    Theft
•    Fire
•    Storm/flood damage
•    Malicious damage
•    Accidental damage
•    Damage by wild animals
•    Branches

You can get with a from HomeQuoteDirect’s household insurance policy will usually provide you with basic garden cover, however you may need to adjust your cover to specific items that is in your garden. The basic garden policy can cover you for up to 15% of your value. Click here to get a quote on household insurance from HomeQuoteDirect.

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