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Work from home and save the world

More and more businesses are allowing their staff to work from home on both a full and part time basis. And a business that will allow working from home will improve the number of people from which they can recruit, which in turn will boost their chances of recruiting the right employee successfully. Since the internet became a necessity rather than an option, it opened up a whole new range of possibilities for the way a business can work and be structured. Flexible working regulations […]

Setting Up The Perfect Home Office

Working at home is becoming more and more fashionable.  Communications technology has meant that tasks previously limited to the office are now easily possible from home.
Many full time office workers now have the option to work a day or more a week from home.  Some jobs have even been entirely migrated away from central offices to home environments.  These arrangements can provide a welcome break from stressful office environments, and can be invaluable for those who have ties at home, like parents or carers.
Furthermore, there […]