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A rented home can still be decorated

When it comes to decorating a home there are many options. That is, if the property is owned. However, if it is rented then the options can be somewhat limited. Normally when renting, a landlord will not allow any major changes to be made to the property.

But what can be done to decorate the home and give it a more personal look when renting? There are still some great ideas which can help turn a dull boring home into a fun and exciting one, without […]

Hobbies outside of the home – Ice Skating

Sometimes it’s nice to get our and do something different. One of my favourite  hobbies is ice skating – unless you are lucky enough to have a skating rink in your backyard (and live in a sufficiency cold climate!), you’ll need to get to an Ice rink to do this.
I started it as an adult skater after I saw the former figure skating World Champion Irina Slutskaya perform a magical Biellmann spin on TV.  I always wanted to do it – I always admired those strong, […]

Energy Customers Are Hit With Higher Bills By Local Suppliers

There was a time when people were rewarded for loyalty to local businesses. Sadly these days seem distant, and in many instances customers of local business will have to pay more for their bills than if they use companies further afield.
This is particularly true of the energy market. There have been 29 different energy price changes this year so far. A mere 3 of these have rewarded customers who remained loyal to their energy supplier.
According to research by, people who choose to stick with […]