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Treating Mildew

Treating mildew can be a bit of a pain, If you notice that you have mildew on the walls in your home, then you should act quickly as left untreated, you may well have a health issue on your hands.
It is quite common to see mildew on interior walls. It is a fungus which is a greeny/brown colour, and will generally be in the corner of a wall near the ceiling in a small bathroom and can even grow in a room that gets a […]

Caution For Homeowners As Garden Thefts Expected To Rise This Summer.

HomeQuoteDirect would like to caution homeowners about the growing threat that they face this summer with garden theft. HomeQuoteDirect would like to ask that homeowners be vigilant this summer with securing their shed and garden items.
Garden theft is a growing problem in the UK. The threat of garden theft is highest between March and August. This summer, it is expected that 3 million Britons will fall victim to garden theft. Unfortunately, many Britons purchase tools and other garden items of value and do nothing to […]

Home Contents And Personal Possessions Insurance.

Students that find themselves living away from home during their times of studies often find themselves living in student residences. These are often in student halls of residence or shared   accommodation off campus.
Living in these student dwellings usually open the first time student to the responsibilities of being independent and accepting the rewards and risks that come with being away from the family home. Unfortunately, some of those risks involve further risks against your own belongings.
Students should consider purchasing student insurance if they decide to […]