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ITEM club urge interest rate cut to encourage growth

On the day when the UK Government is expected to announce inflation has hit record heights, an influential group of financiers has said the economic situation in the country has deteriorated over the last three months and drastic action is needed to redress the balance.
Rate more than double the target
The continuing spiral of increased costs affecting fuel, food, heating and home insurance quotes will be reflected in today’s latest inflation figures. Experts expect the figure to be around 5.2%, well over the Bank of England’s […]

Energy companies misleading customers on cheapest deals

At a time when clarity in costing and pricing is becoming all important to the UK’s beleaguered homeowners, the tactics of Britain’s largest energy companies are being called into question.
Consumer experts catch companies out
There is little doubt that the cost of energy, fuel, household insurance and food is responsible for a big slice of the inflation cake that is currently rising on the back burner of the UK economy. While financiers and politicians warn of a double dip recession households throughout the country are taking […]

Low rates set to stay with us for some time

Homeowners already paying record low rates of interest on their mortgages can breathe yet another sigh of relief after the Bank of England’s (BoE) Monetary Policy Committee decided to leave interest rates at 0.05% earlier this week.
Committee solidly behind chairman
They can also plan ahead a little more comfortably as the prospects of any rate changes seem to have disappeared for the rest of this year. The committee voted unanimously to keep the rates on hold, the first time it has happened this year, and a […]

Consumers feeling the pinch

Homeowners across the UK are feeling their financial purse strings gradually tightening as inflationary pressures continue to mount. The pursuit of cheaper home insurance, bargain buys at the supermarket, and cut price holiday offers are becoming ever more important for those who don’t want to see a drop in their standard of living.
Retail giants seeing sales slow dramatically
With new inflation figures set to be released by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) today, sales figures released by two of the UK’s biggest retail giants, Argos […]

Bank survey reveals sad plight of would be borrowers

A survey carried out for the High Street Bank, Halifax, reveals today just how disillusioned a generation of workers in the UK are, and how they view the prospect of purchasing homeowner insurance as an ever dwindling dream.
Generation of tenants
The report shows that a whole generation is becoming reconciled to the fact that they may never be able to afford a home of their own, as banks make the qualifying criteria for getting a mortgage more difficult. The report shows that although the vast majority […]

Disappointing inflation figures set the scene for interest hike

After last month’s pleasantly surprising drop in the UK Consumer Price Index (CPI) to 4%, homeowners were once more given cause for concern about a rise in interest rates when the figures for April showed an increase of 0.05% to 4.5%. The figure was just as surprising as the March ones really but altogether more unpleasant.
Worrying times
The prospect of a hike in interest rates has once more been raised and consumers already paying over the odds for fuel, home insurance products and energy will be […]

Savers get the chance to find a new home for their money

Homeowners looking to find an inflation proof home for their savings now have the chance to find such a place, courtesy of the Government financed National Savings and Investments (NS&I) department.
Tax exemption will allow savers to redress the balance
Savers who have seen their nest eggs slowly nibbled away by rising prices in the shops, at the forecourts, and even in their homes via increased charges for products such as energy and home insurance can now invest £15,000 into a five year savings bond that will […]

Halifax reports big drop in house prices

With the UK’s largest mortgage provider suggesting that house prices are beginning to drop significantly in price again, prospective buyers looking to purchase cheap home insurance on a property for the very first time may just see a glimmer of hope on the horizon.
Difference in figures surprising
With the Halifax Bank reporting that their House Price Index dropped a surprising 1.2% in April, compared to March figures, the likelihood of bargains a plenty are out there for those that can manage to get a loan. It […]

Stay put, lock up and bring down your costs

As the credit crunch continues to bite, many homeowners have decided to put off moving home and decided to stay put. The ever escalating cost of living has not only put people off moving, it is making them more conscious of where they can make savings in the property they have. It is without doubt that savings can be made on a whole host of things, and one of these is definitely household insurance.
Compare your deal
Anyone spending a couple of hours watching TV will realise […]

Solar panel scheme looking decidedly shady?

Homeowners looking to subsidise their household expenses such as energy costs and household insurance bills by installing solar panels may well have to get a move on if they want to get the most benefit from Government grants.
It is no secret that the Government has been keen to launch a comprehensive alternative fuel programme and that solar heating via solar panels is viewed as the star attraction. Homeowners across the UK have been invited to enquire about their home’s suitability for a matching set of […]