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Lighting the way

Moving into a new home is an exciting proposition. Once contracts have been exchanged and the basic essentials such as home insurance quotes, utility contracts and mortgage payments have been sorted out, it is time to get down to decorating your home.
Creating an atmosphere
Of course everyone has a budget and everyone has their own ideas about where that budget may best be put to good use. For many people creating the perfect atmosphere in a room is the most important feature and for this, use […]

Low rates set to stay with us for some time

Homeowners already paying record low rates of interest on their mortgages can breathe yet another sigh of relief after the Bank of England’s (BoE) Monetary Policy Committee decided to leave interest rates at 0.05% earlier this week.
Committee solidly behind chairman
They can also plan ahead a little more comfortably as the prospects of any rate changes seem to have disappeared for the rest of this year. The committee voted unanimously to keep the rates on hold, the first time it has happened this year, and a […]

Centurions on the march

Centurions – A report out today suggests the youngsters of today will be paying much more on products such as life insurance and home insurance in the years to come as they live much longer lives.
The study by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) was based around figures provided by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) and suggests that today’s youngsters will not only live longer but will have to work longer and pay more for their pensions if the fabric of UK society […]

Green light given to massive building programme

As the need for good affordable housing becomes ever more pressing, the announcement by housing minister Grant Shapps that the government has released £1.8 billion to facilitate the building of new homes will be welcomed by many, especially those interested in building their own home.
20,000 homes for sale in the west
Prospective homeowners are finding mortgages difficult to come by at the moment and the announcement that the West and South West will get almost £250,000 million of the budget will delight many families in one […]