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Families missing out as homes remain empty

Families missing out as homes remain empty
Local councils and housing associations in the Black Country are missing out on huge amounts of rent because of void properties. This is despite a waiting list that totals thousands of people.
A void property is one that has recently become empty and is waiting to be re-let. Insurance companies are also missing out as these empty properties mean families will not take out cheap home insurance until they move into the house.
Dudley Council could have had an extra £352,000 […]

86% Of British Homes are under insured

A leading insurance provider has revealed that the vast majority of British home owners are running the risk of their property being under insured. They should choose a policy provides cover for the full reinstatement value, said the insurer.
It is argued that property owners should obtain a professional valuation for insurance purposes. Any valuation provided by a  bank or estate agency is unlikely to give a fair reflection of the cost of rebuilding a home.
Mike Colmans, a leading insurance expert, said, ‘having accurate sums insured […]

ITEM club urge interest rate cut to encourage growth

On the day when the UK Government is expected to announce inflation has hit record heights, an influential group of financiers has said the economic situation in the country has deteriorated over the last three months and drastic action is needed to redress the balance.
Rate more than double the target
The continuing spiral of increased costs affecting fuel, food, heating and home insurance quotes will be reflected in today’s latest inflation figures. Experts expect the figure to be around 5.2%, well over the Bank of England’s […]

Energy companies misleading customers on cheapest deals

At a time when clarity in costing and pricing is becoming all important to the UK’s beleaguered homeowners, the tactics of Britain’s largest energy companies are being called into question.
Consumer experts catch companies out
There is little doubt that the cost of energy, fuel, household insurance and food is responsible for a big slice of the inflation cake that is currently rising on the back burner of the UK economy. While financiers and politicians warn of a double dip recession households throughout the country are taking […]

Is it a post code lottery when it comes to insurance?

While most homeowners realise the value of a good home insurance policy, it is doubtful that many know how much the premiums of a policy depend on the geographical situation their home is in.
Riot torn London and Channel Island haven come out best
According to a recent report by a well known home insurance comparison site the difference in an identical policy from one area of the UK to another is staggering. In many cases the differences in prices are also very hard to understand. For […]

Low rates set to stay with us for some time

Homeowners already paying record low rates of interest on their mortgages can breathe yet another sigh of relief after the Bank of England’s (BoE) Monetary Policy Committee decided to leave interest rates at 0.05% earlier this week.
Committee solidly behind chairman
They can also plan ahead a little more comfortably as the prospects of any rate changes seem to have disappeared for the rest of this year. The committee voted unanimously to keep the rates on hold, the first time it has happened this year, and a […]

Low interest rates good news for some

City experts were split over the effects of the latest inflation figures released by the Bank of England (BoE) but at least in the short term homeowners can expect to see little change in their mortgage interest rates. How and where savers can find a safe haven for their money, however, becomes more complicated by the day.
Inflation and growth overestimated
The report suggested that the BoE’s prediction for growth in the economy and the inflation rate may both have been too high and they now forecast […]

Centurions on the march

Centurions – A report out today suggests the youngsters of today will be paying much more on products such as life insurance and home insurance in the years to come as they live much longer lives.
The study by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) was based around figures provided by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) and suggests that today’s youngsters will not only live longer but will have to work longer and pay more for their pensions if the fabric of UK society […]

Homeowners look for bargains as inflation continues to rise

The dismal news for homeowners continued apace this week as the latest figures from the British Retail Consortium showed that food prices are still racing ahead as the headline rate of inflation hit its highest level for 30 months.
Largest increase for years
The monthly increase is the largest since 2008 and it seems as though anything that can adversely affect the price of food is happening right here and right now. The four horsemen of a modern day apocalypse seem to have been given full rein. […]