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National database will be welcomed by the public

Homeowners in the UK will be delighted to know that at long last a national crime database is to be launched. The National Police Improvement Authority (NPIA) will oversee the database that goes live today and it means that over 50 police forces in England and Wales can share information on the activities of criminals.
Database may cover for loss of neighbourhood constable
It will come as a relief to many people who worry constantly about security in their own homes even though they have good buildings […]

Food bills set to rise again

The need for UK homeowners to search for cheap home insurance offers will become more pressing over the next few months as essential products such as food and energy look set to soar.
Energy Company weakens consumers spending power
The news this week that Scottish Power are hiking their gas charges by 19% and electricity by 10% should have sent nervous shudders through the halls of the Bank of England (BoE) and indeed the Houses of Parliament. Consumers who have been fed a diet of unpleasant news […]

Stay put, lock up and bring down your costs

As the credit crunch continues to bite, many homeowners have decided to put off moving home and decided to stay put. The ever escalating cost of living has not only put people off moving, it is making them more conscious of where they can make savings in the property they have. It is without doubt that savings can be made on a whole host of things, and one of these is definitely household insurance.
Compare your deal
Anyone spending a couple of hours watching TV will realise […]

Security scam alert

With the prospect of fewer policemen patrolling the streets of the UK once the regional police forces make their enforced cuts in job numbers, household insurance and home security are going to be high on the list of homeowner’s priorities.
Despite the number of jobs going, Home Secretary Theresa May says the number of front line police officers should not be affected, but homeowners across the country are already making their own provisions on security upgrades. It also seems that as usual, unscrupulous traders are trying […]

A concrete fence will give added security

Fitting concrete fence panels instead of waney lap panels are becoming a very popular product because they give better privacy and offer greater strength in fence construction.
There are a number of various types of fences to choose from. However, more people are turning to concrete fences because not only are they very easy to install but they also offer greater durability. A concrete fence will maintain privacy and provide good security for the home giving added protection to go with household insurance. Recently people have […]

An audio system that is a sound investment

Anyone who loves films or is a music lover will no doubt yearn for the clearest, crispest sound to enhance their audio experience. With all the advancements in technology, more and more people are deciding to go for a surround sound system. Having to navigate through all the options can be intimidating so it is a good idea to learn the jargon and find out exactly what equipment fits best. By not doing the homework, a lot of money can be spent on what turns […]

Loan sharks massing for attack

Homeowners across the country are being targeted by bogus loan fraudsters attempting to take advantage of the stricter financial qualifications High Street Lenders are asking for from customers requiring a personal loan.
It is becoming apparent that the credit crunch and the new austerity measures imposed by the present government, has inspired a whole new industry to spring up around borrowing money and most of it is illegal. The fraudsters have discovered members of the public already in significant debt are particularly vulnerable to the scam […]

Protect the PC the way you would a house

Not so long ago, access to the internet was via dial-up connection and kettles across the country were switched on as people waited for the screen to display the World Wide Web, it was that bad! In just a few years broadband has arrived making things much faster. Wireless broadband has been another improvement and with it came the wireless router.
Today, a broadband connection is not just limited to serving one computer. A wireless router will make it easy to connect every computer in the […]

A tasty way to start saving the planet

Growing your own food is one of the easiest ways of reducing a carbon footprint. There are not many better feelings than snapping off some leeks, pulling a handful of new potatoes or harvesting green beans from the garden. With money still tight for most people, home gardening is a great way to eat affordable and healthy food, as well as connect with nature and have the joy of watching them grow. Leeks are a very easy vegetable to grow and also one of the […]

Home Security

All responsible householders will want to take reasonable precautions to protect themselves, their families, and their property against the risk of fire and burglary. The cost and effort involved is small by comparison with the possible expense of replacement or even rebuilding, not to mention the grief caused by personal injury and the loss of items of sentimental value which are irreplaceable.
Many householders wrongly believe that they are unlikely to be burgled because they are not wealthy. Statistics show that most intruders are opportunists in […]