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Flickering flames give fabulous effects

It is not always the first thing that comes to mind when you are planning a special occasion in your home, but home owner insurance is absolutely vital sometimes, especially when it comes to planning events with special lighting requirements.
Wax attracts
Candles have been around for thousands of years and although high tech lighting solutions are in abundance the flickering light from a naked flame still attracts many of us and candles are used for all kinds of special evenings. Candles come in all shapes, sizes […]

The ultimate DIY job

Every year in the UK around 15,000 couples take on one of the most testing challenges a relationship can experience. No it’s not entering a Mr & Mrs contest, nor is it listing each other’s faults, it’s more serious than both of those, it’s building their own home.
A rewarding challenge
At a time when mortgages for first time buyers have never been harder to find, it would seem ludicrous that couples should actually think of going out, finding a loan provider and taking out new home […]

House prices set to rise?

Although financial news from around the world seems to suggest that the next few years are going to be even more austere than the Government first warned, there appears to be a more upbeat attitude from the people in the UK looking to take out homeowners insurance on a property.
According to a survey carried out by the Building Societies Association (BSA) prospective homebuyers believe now is the perfect time to be investing in a property. Although 7 out of 10 said they thought it was […]

Don’t spend money on things you have no need for

Everyday homeowners in the UK seemed to be faced with yet another dose of bad news. If it isn’t a rise in the inflation rate then it is a rise in fuel prices, if it isn’t the price of energy bills going up then it’s the soaring cost of household insurance. Money is getting tighter and most people are struggling to make ends meet.
Vicious circle
People are now trying to go without buying new products which in turn is bad news for the shops on the […]

Don’t forget your clothes!

The latest unemployment figures show just how much the financial downturn is affecting people across the UK. The figure of 2.5 million people unemployed can only be seen as a massively disappointing amount, but experts are warning that over the next few months even that figure may be surpassed. With such a worrying backdrop affecting families in every corner of the country many will be looking to cut their outgoings as much as possible, and it is at this time that people should be wary […]

Green roofs could be the future

Imagine a rooftop oasis that actually lives, grows and cleans the air. Green roofs have been popular in parts of Europe and Canada for many years but are now starting to gain popularity in the United Kingdom. They give energy efficiency to a building and can actually increase the longevity of the roof.
Two types to consider
The laying of a green roof starts with the introduction of a rubber membrane which will protect the underlying roof before adding the soil and plants. Green roofs are normally […]

Dinner may be a little later than usual

Monday September 12th was the day the banking sector in the UK found out just exactly what it would have to do to bring its own house in order; unfortunately millions of ordinary Britons were left underwhelmed by the findings of the Independent Commission on Banking. It would seem for sure that none of those people who queued outside the Northern Rock Bank to make sure their life savings were not served up on a plate to bankruptcy courts sat on the commission, although one […]

Choose cover carefully

For people moving into a new property some things can be sorted out easily. Making sure you have set up payments for such things as the mortgage, utility bills and house insurance brokers is straightforward. Placing your old furniture in a new home is not so easy but you eventually get there, organising floor covering for your new home may not be so simple. Putting the right type of floor covering down is one of the most important aspects of the home. The market for […]

Berkeley’s square deal for shareholders

The latest figures provided by South East building group Berkeley show they are having no problems whatsoever persuading customers to commit themselves to mortgages and household insurance on a home built by the well known group.
Sector taken aback by strong performance
In a move that has rocked the housing market they have announced that they will double their profits in three years as opposed to the five year plan they originally aimed for. The group’s success provides strong evidence that the South East corner of the […]

Take time in organising insurance

For those families lucky enough to be purchasing new home insurance for the first time it is important they consider how much cover they need and exactly what sort of cover is requires.
Legal requirement
Of course the mortgage provider will insist that the skeleton of the home (bricks and mortar, fixtures and fittings) will be covered by buildings insurance. The inside of the home is a different matter completely and it is up to the new home buyer whether they want to buy contents insurance. Most […]