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Try a Green Barbecue

We have just had the hottest weekend of the year and up and down the country barbecues will have been taken from sheds and garages, dusted down and prepared for cooking all kinds of meat. Barbecues have moved on in recent years and you can pay a lot of money for a top of the range one. With this in mind, ensure your household insurance covers theft from the garden, as you are outside more at this time of year.  It is also easy to […]

Garden Design

Designing a garden is not an exact science. Plants may not thrive in a particular spot even though you select the right soil conditions, the right position regarding sunlight and feed them with the advised plant food.
Nevertheless, forward planning will produce consistently better results than adopting a haphazard approach. Sitting down with a pencil and paper and giving a little thought to the job in hand should eradicate any major mistakes. Placing a patio in a shaded area, building a parking space too small for […]

A tasty way to start saving the planet

Growing your own food is one of the easiest ways of reducing a carbon footprint. There are not many better feelings than snapping off some leeks, pulling a handful of new potatoes or harvesting green beans from the garden. With money still tight for most people, home gardening is a great way to eat affordable and healthy food, as well as connect with nature and have the joy of watching them grow. Leeks are a very easy vegetable to grow and also one of the […]

Gardens: Add Significant Value to Your Property

Your home is an extremely important place, both in personal and financial terms.  Property is undoubtedly a valuable asset.  Gardens, though, are a frequently undervalued part of this asset.  In fact, paying care and attention to your garden can greatly increase the value of your property as a whole.
Garden designer Jill Fenwick has said that gardens could well be a key factor in dealing with the current property market with prices falling and homeowners struggling to achieve a fair price for their property.
According to a […]