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Sunny Side Up – Go Solar with HomeQuoteDirect

With the cost of solar panels dropping by almost 60% in the last three years, sustainable energy in the guise of solar photovoltaic panels are now becoming an affordable option for homeowners and householders in the UK.
Buying an option for the comfortably well off
There are two distinct ways properties can benefit from solar heating. The first option is to pay for the system yourself and benefit from the Feed in Tariff (FIT) set by the Government, which on a 3 WP system should return around […]

Energy companies misleading customers on cheapest deals

At a time when clarity in costing and pricing is becoming all important to the UK’s beleaguered homeowners, the tactics of Britain’s largest energy companies are being called into question.
Consumer experts catch companies out
There is little doubt that the cost of energy, fuel, household insurance and food is responsible for a big slice of the inflation cake that is currently rising on the back burner of the UK economy. While financiers and politicians warn of a double dip recession households throughout the country are taking […]

Lighting will increase the beauty of a garden

There are a great many reasons why a household might want to use lights in the garden; one of the most popular reasons is to create both an interesting and stylish design. There are lots of different types of garden lighting and choosing the right one for the garden can be the most difficult part. It is most important to think about which type of light is wanted and where in the garden it is going to be put.
Having designer garden lights will provide an […]

Older houses need help to become energy efficient

An eco-house which is 200 years old has managed to cut its carbon emissions by 60%, and is now is opening its doors in a bid to encourage many more homes to become energy efficient.
The house in Llanidloes, Powys, is owned by Mr Andy Warren and is part of a United Kingdom network of properties which have all been refurbished. A visit has been arranged by the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) who are asking the Welsh Government to cut house emissions by 40% within the […]

Toasters help start the working day

Most people love toast, be it white, brown or wholemeal, thousands of people enjoy a nice crisp piece of buttered toast first thing in the morning to kick-start their day. Some stand by the oven watching and waiting for the bread to turn brown, where as others take the easy route and use an electric toaster which turns the power of electricity into heat that can cook the bread.
But how does the electricity that flows into the toaster actually toast the bread? A toaster heats […]