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The ultimate DIY job

Every year in the UK around 15,000 couples take on one of the most testing challenges a relationship can experience. No it’s not entering a Mr & Mrs contest, nor is it listing each other’s faults, it’s more serious than both of those, it’s building their own home.
A rewarding challenge
At a time when mortgages for first time buyers have never been harder to find, it would seem ludicrous that couples should actually think of going out, finding a loan provider and taking out new home […]

Comfort is the key – furnishing your property

When it comes to furnishing a new home there is little more that’s important than creating a comfortable main living space. It is the place where the family come together most often and where comfort encourages relaxation and openness.
Make sure it fits
The seating in this room is crucial and worth spending a little extra on to get right. It is important to choose a sofa that will look good and be proportionate in your living room, so take careful measurements and make sure that what […]

Lighting the way

Moving into a new home is an exciting proposition. Once contracts have been exchanged and the basic essentials such as home insurance quotes, utility contracts and mortgage payments have been sorted out, it is time to get down to decorating your home.
Creating an atmosphere
Of course everyone has a budget and everyone has their own ideas about where that budget may best be put to good use. For many people creating the perfect atmosphere in a room is the most important feature and for this, use […]

Decorating – Cushions don’t always cost pin money

Decorating a home is very much dependant on the taste of the individual, homes across the UK are personalised in so many different ways that it is really difficult to put some into a category such as minimalist, contemporary or classic, and to be honest it doesn’t really matter.
Owner should feel at ease
The main concept when it comes to decorating your home is will it make you comfortable? If the answer to that question is yes then you are on the right lines. All that […]

Cool that bedroom down

The advent of summer is now well and truly underway. Wimbledon has passed but long hot summer nights are still something to enjoy or endure for the next couple of months.
It would be wonderful to bring the sunlight and breeze into your bedroom not only through open windows but by the use of colour. In general colours should be switched from dark to light. Sheets, bed covers and spreads should be changed to light coloured ones so that they reflect sunlight. Use of sheer curtains […]

Wallpaper or paint?

With many homeowners accepting that a proposed house move is now out of the question because of the current stagnation in the property market, they are turning instead to improving their current home to make it more suitable to their needs.
Fresh outlook created quite easily
It is surprising what a coat of paint or a roll of new wallpaper can do to a house and a room facelift will often leave homeowners wondering why they wanted to leave in the first place. It doesn’t have to […]

Homeowners cutting back on home improvements

A recent online survey of homeowners has revealed that many are now actively looking for ways to save money, as the realisation that the drop in their standard of living is not going to be a temporary blip, starts to hit home.
Many homeowners delaying projects
The survey carried out by a company that deals with home insurance quotes showed that almost a third of those questioned in the survey said they were putting off maintenance projects that really should be done, while over 50% said they […]

Make Christmas a fun DIY activity

With just a little planning anyone can give a Christmas present which is original, thoughtful, recycled and home-made. It can even be one that will make a small difference to the environment. Giving gifts at Christmas is a tradition which has been passed down for generations. It is not just about how much money has been spent, it is also the time and effort put in that makes a gift special.
There really is nothing like making a Christmas present, putting a bit of “love” into […]

Decorate a room in a beautiful Moroccan Style

Moroccan design takes it influence from its French, Spanish and Portuguese roots. It has many different décor elements, which all go to make it both an interesting and beautiful type of interior decoration. Many homeowners who wish for an exotic scheme for the home will create a Moroccan style.

To obtain the perfect Moroccan look will require a lot of work and a lot of different items such as some brightly coloured silk brocades, a wrought iron table, a tiled floor, some Persian rugs, some large […]

Cardboard can be used to keep the home warmer

Having good household insurance gives piece of mind and protection for possessions in the home. It cannot, however, stop heat escaping from the home; but there is an easy and very cheap way to help with this problem.
If there is a room in the home that is not used much and is always very cold in the winter, it could be that all is needed is some more room insulation. Doing this with some corrugated cardboard may sound crazy, but it really is a very […]