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Winter weather will kill thousands of UK citizens

As the UK prepares for winter, experts are warning that extreme cold spells will push up the already worrying numbers of Britons dying from the cold weather.
Uncomfortable choices
With the nation in the grip of economic downturn the last thing the country needs is a bad winter to rival the last two. Homeowners are already struggling to pay for items such as household insurance, luxury food items and non essential motoring. If heating requirements shoot up because of a cold snap, experts are warning the choice […]

Choose cover carefully

For people moving into a new property some things can be sorted out easily. Making sure you have set up payments for such things as the mortgage, utility bills and house insurance brokers is straightforward. Placing your old furniture in a new home is not so easy but you eventually get there, organising floor covering for your new home may not be so simple. Putting the right type of floor covering down is one of the most important aspects of the home. The market for […]

Comfort is the key – furnishing your property

When it comes to furnishing a new home there is little more that’s important than creating a comfortable main living space. It is the place where the family come together most often and where comfort encourages relaxation and openness.
Make sure it fits
The seating in this room is crucial and worth spending a little extra on to get right. It is important to choose a sofa that will look good and be proportionate in your living room, so take careful measurements and make sure that what […]

Take time in organising insurance

For those families lucky enough to be purchasing new home insurance for the first time it is important they consider how much cover they need and exactly what sort of cover is requires.
Legal requirement
Of course the mortgage provider will insist that the skeleton of the home (bricks and mortar, fixtures and fittings) will be covered by buildings insurance. The inside of the home is a different matter completely and it is up to the new home buyer whether they want to buy contents insurance. Most […]

Decorating – Cushions don’t always cost pin money

Decorating a home is very much dependant on the taste of the individual, homes across the UK are personalised in so many different ways that it is really difficult to put some into a category such as minimalist, contemporary or classic, and to be honest it doesn’t really matter.
Owner should feel at ease
The main concept when it comes to decorating your home is will it make you comfortable? If the answer to that question is yes then you are on the right lines. All that […]

Memory stick lost after contractor stops for drink at his local pub

Two London housing bodies are in trouble with privacy watchdogs after one of their contractors lost an unencrypted memory stick in a pub. The memory stick held data on 27,000 tenants of Lewisham Homes and Wandle Housing Association.
Privacy watchdogs revealed the unencrypted stick also held the tenants’ bank account details. Thankfully no harm was done because the lost stick was found by a Good Samaritan who handed it into the police. Despite this, both housing bodies have been publicly named and shamed over the lapse […]

Security the key to a successful move

Moving home is said to be one of the most traumatic non emergency experiences we go through in the day to day routine of our lives. It is also a period when home security is more at risk than usual and is a time when homeowners need to be aware of the problems inherent with inviting strangers into ones home.
Household insurance a must
From the moment you advertise your home for sale you should realise that your daily routine is going to be disrupted. Depending on […]

Accountants crystal ball not promising a rosy future for homeowners

New research by highly respected accountancy experts Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) suggests that prospective purchasers of new home insurance should be prepared to wait a long time before the property they buy, appreciates in value.
Cloudy Weather?
According to a long range forecast by the economists at PwC they expect the housing market to stagnate over the next decade and only in 2020 will homeowners see the value of their property be equivalent to its 2007 price. For the aforementioned first time buyers, they will probably see their […]

Heating the home

With inflation rising and the impact of the austerity cuts imposed by the Government still to fully bear down on the wealth of the nation, the general public can hardly be blamed for getting cold feet about planning any major expenditure. For those moving into a new home, however, there is little choice, necessities such as heating systems, household insurance and council tax must be sorted out quickly.
Fuelling inflation
The aforementioned inflation figures are to a great degree being driven by the spiralling cost of fuel. […]

Rush for household insurance as police cuts leave citizens insecure

As the austerity measures introduced by the Coalition Government in October of last year begin to impact, citizens across the country are beginning to appreciate the value of cheap home insurance.
One of the biggest losers in the allocation of public funds has been the various Police Forces across the UK. Many have seen their budgets slashed and as a result, constabularies such as the Greater Manchester Police have announced job cuts involving 3,000 members of staff. Although the Government have gone to great lengths to […]