Cardboard can be used to keep the home warmer

Having good household insurance gives piece of mind and protection for possessions in the home. It cannot, however, stop heat escaping from the home; but there is an easy and very cheap way to help with this problem.

If there is a room in the home that is not used much and is always very cold in the winter, it could be that all is needed is some more room insulation. Doing this with some corrugated cardboard may sound crazy, but it really is a very effective method of insulation. The best way to use cardboard as insulation is to cover the windows with it. The window will be a major source of heat loss. Corrugated cardboard room insulation is not the most glamorous room design, but it is only temporary and it can be taken down just as easily as it was put up.

The room may be not used for many reasons and with energy bills getting higher each year it is important to keep the heat in the home. Close and lock the windows in the room and then put a layer of duct tape over any area that leaks as this will help the insulating effects of the corrugated cardboard.

Measure the length and width of the window to work out how much cardboard is needed. Using a couple of pieces of cardboard will make a difference, and if they are available three or four pieces will be even better. Use a utility knife to cut the cardboard to the size of the window. Place some drops of glue on one piece of cardboard then place the second piece of cardboard on top of it. Align the edges and do the same with the third and fourth pieces of cardboard. Use the duct tape to stick the edges of the cardboard stack closed. Next, to increase its resistance to heat flow, cover the cardboard with some foil as this will help radiate any heat back into the room. Gently tack the cardboard into place over the window.

Corrugated cardboard is made up of a fluted layer of heavy paper which is sandwiched between two thicker, puncture-resistant layers of heavy paper. The fluting acts as a cushion when the corrugated cardboard is crushed. The flutes in the centre are aligned vertically which add extra strength to the cardboard. Heavy-duty corrugated cardboard, which has multiple layers, provide extra insulation compared to regular cardboard. The heavier the cardboard is the better its insulation qualities.

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