Blackspots VS Safespots for Burglary In The UK.


In the UK, there are some blackspots that are notorious for thefts and break in’s.

As a rule of thumb, you will often find that the crime rate depends on the density of the area. You will find that in rural areas, the crime rate is typically lower than you will find in higher density city areas.

UK’s Burglary Blackspots

Below are the most notorious areas for household theft and burglary.

  • London
    • Hackney
    • Clapham
    • Hornsey
    • Croydon
  • Nottingham
    • Arnold
    • West Bridgeford
  • Leicester
  • Leeds
    • Roundhay
  • Bristol
  • Cheshire

UK Burglary Safespots

The area’s that are the least burgled in the UK are:

  • County Durham
    • Teesdale
  • Manchester
    • Broadland in Norfolk
  • Sheffield

Economic Impacts

During economic downturns, there are often increases in crime. In the wake of the credit crisis and unemployment.


Homeowners should take extra care with their property. You should ensure that valuables are left out of sight and that homeonwners take extra vigilance when securing their homes, especially during the winter time.

Homeowners should also seek ways of improving their home security to deter prying burglars. Deterrents such as security lighting and security alarms should be used.

Most burglaries aren’t pre-planned. They are often done when the theif see’s an opportunity such as an open window, door or valuable on display.

Recommendations To Insuring Your Home Against Theft Risk Burglary

It is wise to make sure that you take out an insurance policy to cover the cost if your valuables become subject to theft.

The policy will vary depending on a number of factors. However, one of the most influential factors will be the area in which your property is located. If your property is located in a high risk area, you may find yourself paying a high insurance premium or be subject to higher excess. Some of the notorious areas some insurers do not provide insurance for. It would be best to compare and research to find out which insurers cover your living area.

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The data for all area’s can be seen here by following this link

Highest burglary rates in England and Wales.

Source: The Independent

Rank Police Force Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership (CDRP) Recorded Offences Of Burglary In A Dwelling (ROBD) 2008-2009 Rate Per Thousand Households (RPTH)
1 Greater Manchester Manchester 7167 35.0
2 Nottinghamshire Nottingham 4367 33.3
3 Thames Valley UA Reading 1769 30.0
4 Metropolitan Police Haringey 2870 29.6
5 West Yorkshire Leeds 9248 27.6
6 Bedfordshire Luton 2020 27.3
7 West Yorkshire Bradford 5236 26.7
8 Metropolitan Police Enfield 3049 26.3
9 Thames Valley Slough UA 1207 26.2
10 Avon & Somerset City of Bristol UA 4706 25.6
11 Metropolitan Police Redbridge 2470 25.2
12 Greater Manchester Tameside 2328 24.8
13 Metropolitan Police Brent 2534 24.6
14 Metropolitan Police Waltham Forest 2173 23.6
15 Leicestershire Leicester 2782 23.4
16 Metropolitan Police Ealing 2788 23.0
17 Thames Valley South Bucks 599 23.0
18 Cambridgeshire Cambridge 1077 22.9
19 Humberside North East Lincs 1574 22.5
20 Greater Manchester Salford 2182 22.3





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