A stone floor will need care and attention

Imagine buying a new home that is protected by household insurance, and while in the process of removing some old carpet or lino, instead of finding a concrete floor underneath. You discover a hard stone tiled floor which is covered in dust and dirt. Restoring it to how it should be is going to take a lot of time, but doing it correctly could add value to the home.

If the lino was stuck down using vast amounts of glue, a scraper should be used carefully or even try using a heat gun to melt the glue. It is vital to take care of the tiles when scraping as it is easy to chip the floor if too much force is used. White spirit can be used to remove the last stubborn bits but this must be washed off straight away. Stone tiles are natural stone which have been taken from a quarry; they could be slate, granite or even marble. Stone tiles can withstand most punishments and will last a lifetime if looked after. Stone floors should be quite easy to keep clean and if they are looked after they are unlikely to stain very much.

The most damage to a stone floor is caused by sand, grit and dirt because of their abrasiveness. A stone floor needs to be dust mopped often using a clean, non-treated dry dust mop or brush. A vacuum cleaner is very helpful if it is in good condition and has nothing on it that will scratch the floor. Place mats/rugs by doors as these will help collect loose dirt before it has a chance to get on the stone floor, just make sure it has a non-slip surface and remember to shake them regularly to remove dirt. Always clean up any spills immediately using a neutral pH detergent or pure soap and warm water.

Do not use anything that contains vinegar, lemon juice, acids or any ammonia-based cleaners on a stone floor. These products will dull the look of the floor. Other good tips are, avoid using scouring powders, bathroom tile cleaners and do not mix bleach with ammonia as this will create a lethal and toxic gas. Take great care when moving any heavy objects across the stone floor to avoid making any scratches or chips. It may even be worth using protectors on any furniture to avoid any accidental damage.

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