A rented home can still be decorated

When it comes to decorating a home there are many options. That is, if the property is owned. However, if it is rented then the options can be somewhat limited. Normally when renting, a landlord will not allow any major changes to be made to the property.

But what can be done to decorate the home and give it a more personal look when renting? There are still some great ideas which can help turn a dull boring home into a fun and exciting one, without the need to make any major changes and risk upsetting the landlord. Regardless of whether the property is rented or owned always take out household insurance.

A few ideas would include using paintings and pictures which will add colour to the walls and will even show off a personal style. Adding plants will also give colour and style to the home. Use a bookshelf to display some unique items that have been collected through the years. Throw some cushions onto a sofa to help change the whole atmosphere of the room and give it much more character. Use rugs which will change the appearance of the flooring and give the room a brand new look. Choose the curtains carefully as the correct curtains can have a dramatic effect on the room.

Utilize some lamps to change the lighting and also enhance the whole room. Try using either table lamps or standing lamps. These are all good ideas which can help change the appearance of a home in a rented property without doing anything which might void the contract with the landlord. Just because the home is rented does not mean that a tenant can not be resourceful and easily create personal style.

If a rented property has the walls painted a neutral colour then it is not always necessary to hang anything on the walls, instead, focus on the right combination of furniture and accessories to add some colour to a room. Make the sofa the focal point of the living room and anchor the sofa with a neutral coloured rug which will set off the colour scheme of the sofa.

Unfortunately, some renters will only have limited opportunities to get the décor changed. No matter how strict the home owner is, anyone can easily make a rented house feel like home. Moreover, it does not make sense to make major investments in a house that belongs to someone else. Just remember to have fun, take risks, and think outside of the box.

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