A mantel makes a fire light up

As a child I remember the family huddled around the fireplace on a cold night, and if it got really cold, my father would even light the fire. For thousands of years the fireplace has been an important part of the house. Early versions of a fireplace would see it located in the centre of a room, but as time moved on, so did the fireplace, to where we find it today, up against a wall. With central heating now warming homes, the fireplace is now used more as a decorative feature rather than a source of heat.

A common feature of a fireplace is a mantel, which started life as a shelf located above the fireplace. A fireplace mantel can make the fire stand out from its surroundings. A mantel can be both modest and simple, but you can also make a mantel elaborate, so that its draws the eye of anyone who walks into the room. There are so many to choose from that it all depends on the individual. When the mantel is decorated the fireplace instantly becomes a focal point of the room. Visitors will see this beautiful piece and will compliment you on your style. This is why you should take the time to make sure that your mantel looks the way that you want it to and try to make it represent your style and the personality of your home.

Whether it is a new mantel or one you “inherited” with the home, it is not difficult to show it off to its full potential.  With money saved on cheap home insurance you can afford to do a few simple things to make your mantel stand out. No matter what style your home exhibits, allow the mantel to display it. You can use anything to decorate a fireplace mantel. Some leave it completely bare, it really is entirely up to the individual and how they want their home to be perceived. For some, the mantel makes a handy place to collect their clutter or display an array of photographs of their family.  Many homes have a large mirror on the wall above the mantel and this will create a forever-changing picture in the room, it will also create the illusion that there is much more space in the room. If you want a striking look for the mantel, try to put all your accessories in groups of three or five.

A great idea is to decorate the mantel at Christmas. You can be as creative as you want and bring your home to life. Use pine cones, silver bells and red ribbons. Drape a garland along the front of the mantel for a simple style. Place tiny silver bells around the garland and hang some colourful Christmas stockings in readiness for the arrival of Santa Claus.  Place a large red candle in the middle and maybe some holiday-themed statuettes either side of the candle. Use miniature snowmen, elves and Father Christmas and his reindeer.

Summers bring more light and sunshine for a few months and you can easily create the same in your room using your mantel, put fresh flowers in attractive glass vases, or even leave the vessels empty and let the design of the vases be the focal point. Placing flower petals inside clear bottles and bowls is yet another idea for a summer look.



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