A concrete fence will give added security

Fitting concrete fence panels instead of waney lap panels are becoming a very popular product because they give better privacy and offer greater strength in fence construction.

There are a number of various types of fences to choose from. However, more people are turning to concrete fences because not only are they very easy to install but they also offer greater durability. A concrete fence will maintain privacy and provide good security for the home giving added protection to go with household insurance. Recently people have opted for a concrete fence to accentuate the beauty of a garden.

The panels are attractive and durable; they are not only strong but are built to last for many years. In a lot of construction situations, concrete is cost effective and concrete fencing is no different. Waney lap panels can be weak, and will get weaker each year; the whole fence can be easily damaged or blown over during strong winds. This is not a problem with concrete panels as they are less likely to fall over during bad weather or even vandalism.

Concrete fence panels are best put between slotted fence posts. This will increase the fence’s reliability, simply because wood will not last as long as concrete. Another advantage is there is no need for nails and screws. So, if the panel should ever get damaged, a replacement panel can very easily be installed without any special knowledge. Concrete fences are now available in some excellent designs. Some of them can actually look like stone or even brick and are available in a number of colours. Wooden posts and wooden fence panels are probably quicker to install but they will rot over time. Concrete posts will allow the concrete panels to slot easily into the post.

Measure the height of the fence panels and make sure that the concrete posts are slightly higher. For additional security, some concrete posts will have holes in the top which allows lines of barbed wire to be fitted, but make sure that this does not affect any passers-by or neighbours who could get injured by the barbed wire. A concrete fence will take longer to install then a wooden fence, it will also cost more but crucially it will last a lot longer, saving money in the long term.

Other considerations to bear in mind are to properly establish where your boundaries are and speak to the neighbours. Also make sure that there are no underground pipes or cables before starting the digging and installing the fence.

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